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Revolutionizing Hotel Revenue Management: The Power of Dynamic Pricing

Embracing the Future of Revenue Management

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Navigating Budget Season in Hospitality: Insights from Distribution, Revenue Management and eCommerce & Marketing

The Budget Season Blueprint: Dos and Don'ts for Hospitality Success

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Combining Personal Touch and Tech: The Next Chapter in Hotel Strategy

Understanding the New Balance in Hospitality: People and Tech Working Together

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Unleashing the Power of Hotel Metasearch Marketing

5 Ways To Boost Direct Channel Performance

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Performance and Growth: The GDS Audit

The Power of Dynamic GDS Content

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Première Advisory Group Heads to HITEC 2023: Embracing the Future of Hospitality Technology

HITEC 2023 Was a Success!

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Unifying in Pride: Our Amazing Team Comes Together to Celebrate Pride Month

PAG Team Reflects on the Meaning of Pride

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Unifying in Pride: Our Amazing Team Comes Together to Celebrate Pride Month

PAG Team Reflects on the Meaning of Pride

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The Complex Relationship Between Hotels and OTAs: Frenemies in the Hospitality Industry

And How To Achieve a Balanced Distribution Blend

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The Benefits of Embracing Technology to Meet Guest Expectations and Drive NOI

And How to Plan and Prepare for Your Hotel's Technology Evolution

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Welcome Our Newest Team Member

Aaron Eschagary Joins Première Advisory Group as Area Director of Revenue Management

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Première Advisory Group Names New Leader to Revenue Management Team

Gary Glodowski joins Première Advisory Group to expand partnerships and grow the commercial strategy team.

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Première Advisory Group Wins Top Revenue Management Company for 2022

Awarded By Travel & Hospitality Tech Outlook.

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Understanding Guest Acquisition Costs

Why independent hotels should think beyond ROAS to better understand profitability by channel.

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Resolutions Every Independent Hotel Marketer Should Embrace in 2022

Set yourself up for success with these helpful tips.

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COVID-19 Accelerates the Need For the Hotel Industry to Adopt GOPPAR

Learn how you can utilize GOPPAR to better understand your hotels profitability.

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PAG team members

Première Advisory Group Expands Executive Team

Get up close and personal with our newest advisors to the PAG team.

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How to create channelized room and rate descriptions

Goal of room and rate descriptions is to convey what the product is and the competitive value of the product...

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Why now is the perfect time to outsource your Revenue Management

With hotels hurting for cash-flow, it may be time to address the idea of hiring an outsourced Revenue Management team

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RFP Season – Setting yourself up for a successful 2021

Its November and we are in the midst of Corporate and Consortia RFPs..

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Driving GDS, How to Shift Market Share during Need Periods

As the accommodation landscape continually evolves during the COVID 19 pandemic...

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How to keep rate parity and why is it important

Rate parity management is part of your daily life as a revenue manager – making sure that all channels/partners have the same rate at the same time...

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How to best activate your direct booking channel

In a post-COVID world, every dollar counts. You need to get heads in beds, but it’s becoming challenging especially with your Competitive Set...

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A deeper dive into the Hotel Systems RFP

Before determining who should be involved the scope needs to be defined; such as whether the RFP is for a standalone property vs. city center vs. resort...

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Coffee Chat: Premiere Advisory Group & NextGuest

Hotel distribution is constantly evolving. It can be difficult for hotel operators and management companies to stay on top of changes and opportunities. That’s where Premiere Advisory Group comes in.

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