Distribution Optimization

A healthy distribution mix provides the foundation for lowering client acquisition cost and raising your bottom line. We’ll set you on the path toward profitability.


Our industry is constantly evolving, and distribution channel optimization has become a vital part of successful operations — especially for independent hotels. While the world’s largest hospitality brands are adding in-house experts to their teams, Première Advisory Group puts you on equal footing. From content and connectivity updates to standardizing the hotel brand experience, we work seamlessly with your staff to incorporate recommendations that align with best practices and your financial objectives for each channel.

We’ll help you through each phase of the process — research and development, strategy and implementation, and ongoing support — to reach the key milestones along the way. Our methodical process identifies pain points, reveals opportunities for improvement, and strengthens your brand. Developed through years of hands-on experience, our approach is based on five pillars that are vital to hospitality operations. This process is seamless for the hotel staff and incorporates recommendations based on best practices for each channel.

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