Pre-Opening and Beyond

Our experienced team will guide you through PMS and CRS implementation, database preparation, training, and timing in order to ensure a successful launch.


For a new property to succeed, there are many things that need to be done right during opening — and you only get one chance to do it. Choosing the right technology partners, implementing systems, database preparation, allocating marketing budget, determining optimal rates, and maintaining a tight timeline are just a few of the challenges on the road to a successful launch. 

Our seasoned team will guide you through each stage of the process, from pre-opening to post-launch, to put you on a path toward success and allow your staff to focus on the hospitality experience.

Hotel Technology Solutions – RFP

We’re experts in PMS, CRS, distribution tools, aggregation platforms, selling/booking tools, and marketing solutions, and we’ll help determine what’s right for you.

We define your business objectives with priority rankings and identify the required integrations, necessary modules/features, data requirements, and security features.

We prepare an RFP questionnaire with all the requirements and submit it to the most suitable technology providers. We then consolidate the vendor responses and provide a shortlist of the best options, with negotiated pricing.

Hotel Technology Solutions – Implementation, Supervision, & Product Management

The process of implementing or transitioning a hotel from one system to another is complex. Migrating a single hotel is very time consuming, requiring the focus of a whole team in order to be successful. Multiply the difficulties of migrating a single hotel by many hotels and the challenge increases exponentially. Large leadership groups and varied skill sets among teams at the property level make it difficult, and not all properties possess the experience and know-how required to facilitate a system implementation or transition.

Revenue/Distribution Due Diligence 

  • Strategic analysis: We study the macro and micro market, as well as overall economic factors that could affect the hotel’s performance.
  • Competitor analysis: We evaluate competitor offerings, pricing, and inventory positioning to understand how your hotel can be successful.
  • Pricing configuration: We determine optimal pricing based on market conditions, hotel positioning, and competition.
  • Distribution strategy: Utilizing third-party channels and OTAs, we establish a strategy according to inventory positioning and the market environment.
  • Market segmentation strategy: We create an action plan to reach the ideal market segmentation mix and provide the best revenue optimization.

Distribution Audit – GDS & E-Commerce 

The audit process involves a systematic review of your property’s entire GDS presence, a GDS comp set review for both content and pricing, and UX reviews of your website, Internet booking engine, and presence on metasearch and search engines. Our findings and recommendations are based on industry best practices and areas of opportunity identified within the property’s competitive set.

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