Your Team Just Got an Upgrade

Enhance your team with industry experts and start tapping into the business you’re not getting.


We provide key services to help hotel operators and management companies maximize revenue and drive market share across all booking channels. Starting with an in-depth, multi-week assessment, our experts become an extension of your team and identify gaps in strategy and opportunities for optimization. The end result is a consistent, reliable stream of revenue and a boost to your net income.


Our industry is constantly evolving, and distribution channel optimization has become a vital part of successful operations. While the world’s largest hospitality brands are adding in-house experts to their teams, Première Advisory Group puts you on equal footing. From content and connectivity updates to brand standardization, we work seamlessly with your staff to incorporate recommendations that align with best practices and your financial objectives for each channel.


You may think you’re getting the most out of your hotel revenue, but are you really? Our experts provide your hotel with a dedicated revenue department, working tirelessly to ensure total revenue optimization. To get the most out of your revenue management, you need a fully optimized distribution landscape coupled with business intelligence and market research — that’s what PAG provides.


For a new property to succeed, there are many things that need to be done right during the pre-opening process — and you only get one chance to do it. Choosing the right technology partners, implementing systems, database preparation, allocating marketing budget, determining optimal rates, and maintaining a tight timeline are just a few of the challenges on the road to a successful launch.

Our seasoned team will guide you through each stage of the process, from pre-opening to post-launch, and put you on a path toward success.

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