Working With Some of the Best in the World

From city-center hotels to full-service resorts, we’re proud to work with some of the most respected names in hospitality.

DREAM HOTEL GROUP Rabinder Pal Singh, Chief Financial Officer

“The team at Première Advisory Group has worked with Dream Hotel Group for nearly three years, offering guidance as we streamlined our brand under a master chain code. Première also provides sales and revenue support directly to our properties, meeting regularly to optimize strategy and identify new areas for revenue opportunity, leading to an increase in Consortia bookings of 30% YOY.”


"EOS has worked with Première Advisory Group to provide unique insight into how to optimize sales distribution systems for the benefit of a property, providing thoughtful and deliberate recommendations to improve each systems performance to align with the identified commercial goals of the property. Première Advisory Group ‘s subject matter experts provide an additional layer of support to our commercial teams in the field, further supporting our best-in-class distribution capabilities."

HARD ROCK HOTEL Alexis Remy, Vice President Revenue Management & Distribution

"In 2020 Hard Rock International established a partnering with Premiere Advisory Group (PAG). Hard Rock sought experts in hospitality who possess advanced knowledge, skills and expertise in distribution, revenue management and sales. The PAG team partnership exceeded our expectations due to the team’s pragmatic and hands-on approach. The PAG team is extremely knowledgeable, well connected and provides strategic recommendations with tangible benefits."

HARD ROCK HOTEL AND CASINO Danielle Babilino, Senior VP, Global Sales & Marketing

"Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is extremely grateful to Première Advisory Group for their expertise and unwavering support in navigating the travel advisor space. We simply could not achieve our goals without them."

HOTEL HUGO Pablo Migoya, General Manager

"PAG was first introduced to us for a general audit of Hotel Hugo. The audit was more comprehensive and detailed than I expected, exposing real revenue enhancing opportunities in areas nearly all hotels don't review, nor change on a regular basis. In a very short time period, the hotel was performing to double-digit improvements in nearly every distribution channel. We began incorporating them in different PR strategies as well as website redesign planning sessions. When the time came for the opening of our new hotel, Hotel Hendricks, to open, I immediately brought them on board as a partner in launching this hotel. The word "advisory" is the key part of their name.”

PUBLIC Edward Maynard, President

“PAG is more than another vendor.  They are part of our team at Public Hotels. Anthony, Daniel and Deborah are experts in the industry and often focus on multiple sources to help us build our revenue strategies.  They are forward thinking, comprehensive and talk in everyday terms that even a novice can understand and absorb. Outsourcing can be scary and the need to check/double check the value they provide can be overwhelming requiring additional resources and manpower.  This is not the case with PAG as they continually observe making recommendations that are in our best interest.  Their integrity and professionalism is text book perfect when looking for a third party vendor for distribution, revenue management and sales.  In my 30+ years of hospitality, they are by far the best partner I have ever worked with.”

SH HOTELS & RESORTS April Storms, Corporate Director Sales & Marketing

"We have worked closely with Premiere Advisory Group for over three years. PAG has been an incredible support to our properties with distribution issues and overall distribution strategy. Their contribution has certainly assisted us to maximize revenue and drive market share. PAG’s depth of knowledge is truly top-notch. The partnership is greatly valued."

WARWICK HOTELS Louis Vanheusden, SVP Operations USA

“We started our cooperation with Première Advisory Group in 2018, focusing on distribution related issues for some of our hotels. PAG became very quickly a fully integrated support desk able to help us in our overall distribution strategy.”

WARWICK HOTELS Francis Bertrand, Director of Global Sales

“Our weekly interactions are always spot on, clear, and concise. The PAG team is fully dedicated and always focused on finding the optimal solution. The PAG contribution became even more important since our most recent CRS migration and past GDS marketing meetings. PAG has revealed itself over the time to bring a positive contribution in WHR’s approach to the distribution channels.”

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