GDS Audit & How to Secure Consortia/Corporate Business Post-RFP Season

Benefits to optimizing your GDS distribution strategy.

In today's highly competitive hospitality industry, a strong presence on Global Distribution Systems (GDS) is crucial for hotels to maximize their reach and secure bookings. GDS platforms serve as a single access point for millions of travel agents worldwide, making it vital for hoteliers to ensure their property information is accurately and effectively displayed to potential guests. A GDS audit is an essential tool that can help hotels review and improve their GDS distribution strategy. In this blog, we will explore the numerous benefits of conducting a GDS audit post RFP season and how it leads to increased revenue and better business opportunities.

Increased Production, Higher ADR

One of the primary benefits of conducting a GDS audit is the significant increase in production it yields. By ensuring that your hotel's information and rates are loaded correctly on GDS platforms, you instantly witness a boost in bookings and revenue. In fact, our clients have seen an average increase of 30% post-implementation across GDS platforms. This increase in production is a clear indicator of the potential business that may have been missed due to incorrect or incomplete information.

Peace of Mind

A GDS audit removes the guesswork by providing detailed insights into where opportunities exist. It arms you with visibility into what travelers see when searching for your hotel on the GDS, allowing you to take control of your merchandising efforts. Through the use of screenshots and actionable feedback, you can confidently optimize your hotel's presence, knowing that your content is effectively reaching potential guests.

Commercial Team Focus

Instead of having your commercial team spend hours on tactical work, a GDS audit allows them to concentrate on strategic initiatives that can secure new business. While the audit identifies areas that need improvement, your team can focus on formulating strategies to attract more travelers to your property. This division of labor can lead to increased efficiency and productivity within your organization.

A More Optimized Distribution Mix

GDS platforms are known to have significantly lower acquisition costs compared to bookings generated from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). By conducting a GDS audit and improving your presence, your hotel can attract more profitable business and yield more effectively as a result of increased distribution through these cost-effective channels. This not only helps your bottom line but also diversifies your distribution mix, making your hotel less reliant on a single source of bookings.


Comprehensive Action Plan

Unlike our competitors, our GDS audit goes beyond assessing the Hotel Description (HOD) alone. Our comprehensive GDS audit reviews over 100 data points to provide your team with a quality score and actionable insights to enhance your retailing effort. These insights can help you refine your content and copy, making your hotel more attractive to potential guests. By following industry best practices, you can efficiently implement feedback and elevate your GDS presence. The audit can also be used as a working document to improve your content and can be directly integrated into your respective systems. Additionally, our audit assesses five properties within your competitive set, ensuring you have confidence in your strategy across the marketplace. An action plan is developed that addresses various critical aspects of your GDS presence including:

  • Property Description and Details
  • City Indexing/Reference Points/Airports
  • Attractions and Corporate Locations
  • Images
  • Amenity Index
  • Facilities and Services including Dining/Meeting Venues, etc
  • Policies - Resort Fees/Commissions/Group
  • Rate Strategy and Analysis
  • Rate and Room Descriptions
  • Competitive Benchmark
  • and More.

Conducting a GDS audit is a strategic move that can significantly benefit your hotel's business. It not only increases revenue but also ensures a strong presence on GDS platforms, which can be a game-changer in the hospitality industry. By leveraging a GDS audit, you can optimize your distribution strategy, focus on strategic initiatives, and stay ahead of the competition, ultimately helping your hotel win the business it might be missing out on.


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