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Aaron Eshagary joins Premiere Advisory Group as Area Director of Revenue Managment

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The hospitality industry is an ever-evolving landscape and one of the most challenging and competitive sectors in the business world. Independent hotels have the unique challenge of standing out in a sea of big chain hotels, while still being able to turn a profit and remain competitive. This is where the role of revenue management comes in.

Revenue management is a crucial aspect of the hospitality industry, providing a foundation for maximizing profitability, driving bookings, and supporting the overall commercial strategy of a hotel. It involves analyzing data, monitoring market trends, and making informed decisions to ensure that hotels are always selling rooms at the highest possible rate. In short, it is all about making the most out of every single booking and ensuring that the hotel is always operating at its full potential.

At the core of this process is a team of experts who are dedicated to the success of the hotel. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the industry, these professionals help hotels make the most out of their operations. They are the driving force behind ensuring that hotels are always at the top of their game, maximizing profitability and delivering an exceptional guest experience.

We are thrilled to announce that Aaron Eschagary has joined our team as our newest revenue management expert! With 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry and 10 specifically in revenue management, Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Aaron has worked in a variety of roles throughout his career, including operations, reservations, and sales support. He has extensive experience in the boutique/independent hotel sector, as well as exposure to big brand systems and operations, such as Hilton and Marriott. Additionally, he has worked in markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Palm Springs, and now brings his expertise to our team here in New York.

In his career, Aaron has also been involved in property openings and rebranding efforts, including the opening of the Godfrey Hollywood Hotel and the rebranding of the Loews Hollywood when it changed from a Renaissance. With his wealth of experience and unique perspective, Aaron is poised to bring a fresh and innovative approach to our revenue management efforts.

The importance of revenue management support in independent hotels cannot be overstated. As independent hotels strive to stand out in a competitive market, it is crucial that they have a solid foundation in place to ensure their success. From analyzing market trends to making informed pricing decisions, revenue management is the key to unlocking the full potential of a hotel.

At its core, revenue management is all about maximizing profitability. By making the most out of every single booking and operating at full capacity, independent hotels are able to maximize their profits and remain competitive in the market. This, in turn, supports the overall commercial strategy of the hotel, allowing it to continue delivering an exceptional guest experience and growing its business.

We are thrilled to welcome Aaron to our team and can’t wait to see the impact he will have on our revenue management efforts. With his wealth of experience and expertise, we are confident that he will play a crucial role in ensuring the continued success of our independent hotel clients. 

About Première Advisory Group

Première Advisory Group is a trusted commercial strategy resource in the hospitality industry. We help independent and boutique hotels around the globe drive profitability through a unique approach that combines experts in Distribution & Sales, Revenue Management, eCommerce & Marketing, and Hotel Technology. With offices located in New York and Paris, Première Advisory Group supports over 100 independent and boutique hotels across the globe. 

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