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Nested in the Passage des Panoramas, in the heart of the Grands Boulevards in Paris, Bisou gives a fresh look to a traditional cuisine. Goodbye checkered tablecloths and ubiquitous, obnoxious kitchen tiles.  The front store is simple and the inside decor is partly retro, partly inspired by Scandinavian design, with stylish tableware. A clean, refined yet cozy venue where you feel welcome to stop by anytime, inside or on the terrace. Long live the neo-crêperie!

On the food side, a good crêpe, whether sweet or savory, starts with high quality products above anything else.

That’s why at Bisou only works with the best:  all flours are stone-ground and come from Brittany (the French region where crêpes originated). Hams and cheese are origin-certified from Italian and French producers, pickles and confits are house made. The products are fresh and well-sourced and that’s what makes the difference in the plate.

Important note: you can’t order a simple egg-ham crêpe here. With the exception of the classic Super Complete (egg, ham, cheese), all recipes compete with each other in originality! From the Marius et Fanny (zucchinis and parsley, smoked ham, goat cheese, bacon, fig chutney, poached eggs) to the Bella Ragazza (Stracciatella, suckling pig flavored with bay leaves, mushrooms cooked in truffle cream and baby spinach), crêpes at Bisou are chic and nonconformist.


In addition, far-from-boring vegetarian options are available. Try the Popeye Power (fava beans, avocado, homemade pickled red onions, feta, baby spinach, poached egg and Salinu, a Corsican hazelnut salt), or the Crazy Avocat (avocado, basil and tomatoes tartare, minced radish, fried onions, baby spinach, Parmesan shavings, sunny side up egg, balsamic vinegar cream.

Meals can be accompanied by a sweet or dry hard cider from the Sorre Family cider mill, a craft beer called Triple Buse, or a cocktail called Normandy with cider, honey, cinnamon and lime. On the soft side, we love the organic lemonade, or a tasty hot chocolate during cooler weather.


The restaurant has been opened since August 2017, and here is what the French blogosphere and press says about it:

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L’Express : «Galettes graphiques, décor moderne et épuré.»

Marie-Claire : « Le restaurant qui twiste la crêpe!»

Glamour : « Des crêpes “haute couture” »

Modernists : « Une adresse incontournable »

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